Ongoing Services

About Us

With over thirty years in the construction/renovation industry, and more than twenty years in business, owner Todd Crockford has the experience to see your project through. When possible, they use locally sourced, and responsibly made materials to reduce the overall environmental impact of building in Muskoka. In addition to their skilled staff of carpenters, tile setters and painters, they work with only local companies that are hired to take care of architectural drawings, site surveys, lot clearing, timber framing, ICF foundations, and more!

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Quality Design

We have been doing only high end work in luxury homes and cottages for the 20+ years that we’ve been in business. We understand what is required to achieve the highest standards, lasting quality, and we only hire the best trades in the industry.

Luxury Materials & Workmanship

We work with local architects that specialize in luxury Muskoka cottage builds and renovations. We also provide any materials needed for the project. We deal with the best suppliers in the Muskoka area, but if need be materials can be sourced from our extensive list of high end suppliers from across the country.

Hybrid Designs

So you want a timber framed cottage, but you love the heritage of the cottage that you have? We can integrate timber frame elements into the renovation or build a timber framed addition on your existing cottage. We can create a hybrid design specific to your cottage or home that will tie in all of these elements to bring your visions to life!


Complete exterior upgrades including outdoor kitchens, flagstone walkways, driveways, natural stone walls, decks, patios and waterfront development. Challenging projects and build sites are welcomed!

Docks & Boathouses

We build custom boathouses and docks that enhance your waterfront and compliment your cottage to bring the entire property together. From traditional Muskoka waterfront styles to modern touches and boat lift systems.


Protection & Warranty

Site safety and property protection are paramount on all our projects. Everyone on your project site
will be WSIB compliant and up to date on all safety regulations and insurances.

Site Protection

Wether it’s a new kitchen or a whole cottage renovation, we take care to protect your property that is not undergoing construction. We use dust barriers, exhaust fans, hard board floor protection and laundered runners laid out daily to keep the rest of the interior as clean as it was when we arrived. Driveways, landscaping, trees and adjacent properties will be protected as well. We strive to have minimal impact on the environment and your neighbours. At the end of the project we bring in professional cleaning crews to leave everything spotless.

Site Safety & Cleanliness

The job site will be maintained at the highest level of cleanliness possible throughout the entire duration of the project. Our sites are cleaned daily and all garbage is removed in a timely manner, leaving a presentable and safe work environment. In the off chance that any dangerous materials or mould are found during the renovation, they will be removed and cleaned by specialized professionals ensuring a healthy building envelope for years to come.

Extensive & Detailed Warranty

Our contracts are very comprehensive and detailed, ensuring that each and every aspect of the project is clearly outlined. The warranty provided is just as detailed and in our opinion is among the best in the industry. Our customer service doesn’t stop once the project is complete either! Touch ups, technical help and any needed assistance regarding your newly updated home are absolutely included in the contract price. We will always answer your call, even outside of business hours.