About Us

With over thirty years in the construction/renovation industry, and more than twenty years in business, owner Todd Crockford has the experience to see your project through. When possible, we use locally sourced, and responsibly made materials to reduce the overall environmental impact of building in Muskoka. In addition to our skilled staff of carpenters, tile setters and painters, we work with only local companies that are hired to take care of architectural drawings, site surveys, lot clearing, timber framing, ICF foundations, and more!

With an early interest in building, Todd and his father built their family cottage on the Muskoka River over a summer at the age of 13. The two of them built the entire cottage (which was to be his parents future retirement home) with the exception of needing help to get the trusses up to build the roof! From there Todd had his first summer job as a cabinet maker at 15. This would take him through more than ten years of full time work as a cabinet maker before starting his own company building custom cabinets, doing bathroom and kitchen renovations, and eventually complete renovations, additions and building more than a dozen homes and cottages spanning from Vancouver to Toronto and then back to Muskoka. Todd will be involved throughout the entire project from the initial meeting and design consultation, to daily site supervision and coordination of designers, architects, and inspections. He is very much hands on, and all of his clients have his direct cell number to ensure that he is available for any questions or special requests.